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Affiliate Programme
Icon Introduction
TeleWord is fully capabable to handle affiliate programmes! You can not only bring new partners to TeleWord and profit from the sales (more about this below), but also you can use our technology to setup own affiliate programmes! TeleWord brings all the necessary technology, is able to transfer revenues or licensing fees between multiple accounts and does the accounting for you. Also the checks at the end of the month you don't need to issue by yourself.
Icon Setting up own affiliate programmes
Example: You setup your products and services within your own TeleWord-Account. The offer is advertised in a way that the referer's accountnumber will be carried forward at all times to it will be also available to TeleWord. The action is defined in a way, that if the customer successfully uses the action, any amount revenue will be transfered to another account. This works automatically and your partners have access to a realtime statistics. With this solution you have almost no work at all.
It is also not necessary that the partner signs up multiple times (at your and at our site) with his personal data. ( Even before the new TeleWord partner receives the email with his password, the created account number and an account key is provided to the partner. With this data the new partner is able to sign up at other partner sites (yours, for instance). The account number and the account key is also mentioned at the page where the partner can change its personal data after login.
Using the account key, the personal data of the partner can be accessed by other people any time. First, with only a few information but in a readable version at: (replace the account values) or in a more script friendly way for automatic processing with more information at: "ownaccountnumber" means your *own* account number, "accountnumber" the one of the partner you want to know the personal data.
Special information to some of the variables: 'name' is generated out of the other data. 'nametitle' is 'm' or 'f', depending on the gender. 'addressc' is the ISO country code of the address. 'language' contains the language for correspondence. More "sensible" data like the bank data for instance is not listed here.
One of our partners wrote: (TeleWord as a faithful independant dealer, German only)
Wir möchten Ihnen unabhängige Statistik, Abrechnung und Auszahlung garantieren. Daher benötigen Sie für die Teilnahme an diesem Partnerprogramm einen Account bei, unserem Abrechnungspartner. Teleword gehört mit über 9.000 Webmastern zu einem der größten Abrechnungspartner im Bereich SMS & Telefon. Wir selbst arbeiten seit fünf Jahren mit TeleWord und versichern Ihnen: Ob 500 Euro oder 50.000 Euro - jede Zahlung wird Sie absolut pünktlich erreichen. Die Statistiken bei TeleWord sind selbstverständlich in Echtzeit.
Ihr TeleWord-Account ist vollkommen unabhängig vom Partnerprogramm. Sie können also dort auch eigene Sachen machen, die mit uns nichts zu tun haben.
Icon Partners refer partners
We're using this slogan to encourage our partners to help us extend the TeleWord family, and of course TeleWord is going to pay you cash for the people you bring in. You'll get a commission based on what we pay the partner(s) you bring in; This is a permanent commission, which means you'll get paid as long as the person you bring in remains a TeleWord client, and we hope that'll be for years! We automatically credit this extra payment to your account.
Icon Commissions
Monster-Logos, not
registered visitors
30 Ct for every oder.
(50 Ct till 2005-11-09)
TeleWord Cash-by-Call1 % of all revenues (ePayment).
TeleWord PremiumSMS1 % of all revenues (ePayment).
TeleWord Pay-by-Mobile1 % of all revenues (ePayment).
TeleWord ePayment5 Ct for every password minute.
(old ePayment system)
TeleWord SMS1 Ct for every Logo-SMS or Tone-SMS sent.
TeleWord Hotlines1 % of sales.
Icon How much can you earn?
Let's say you advertise TeleWord in a newsletter, and ten new partners register. If each one only uses the ePayment system and gets only 5 long password calls a day, you would earn 225 Euros for that month (EUR 0.05 * 3 * 5 * 30 * 10). If these partners stay with TeleWord for a year, that's about 2700 Euros. You'll earn even more if the ePayment system is used to send SMS or if the partner is using the TeleWord Hotlines system as well.
Icon BUT!
You're not allowed use this method to set up additional accounts for yourself.
Icon Here's how it works!
You use a special URL for this "advertising". It's a combination of our homepage URL and your account number. Your special URL is:
(You'll see a "0" if you haven't logged in yet.)
You also can link to a specific section of interest:
In this way, when the visitor registers as a partner, they're "credited" directly to you. Your commission for the payment period is automatically credited to your TeleWord account each time you get a payment from us. Because of Privacy Laws, we are unable to provide you with information regarding the identity of partners who have registered through your URL. This also insures confidentiality regarding their earnings.
If the visitor places an order in the public area of Monster-Logos you will get the commission stated above!
Icon How can I advertise?
Basically, it's up to you, but here are a few ideas:
  1. Send your friends and business contacts an email to recommend TeleWord. Of course, be sure to mention your special URL "".
  2. You can do it with any newsletters you're affiliated with too.
  3. You can include one of these banner ads on your website:
    This banner is at
    This banner is at
    This banner is at
    This banner is at
    This banner is at
    This banner is at
    This banner is at
    This banner is at
    This banner is at
    Remember to use your special URL as the link "".
  4. If you have a page with logos, you could say: "Do you want to start your own logo page?" - naturally with a link to "".

Top Partner-Grabbers (TOP 15)
(As of: 2016-04-11, 11:57:38)

 Ranking  Referer  Number of new Partners 
 1  Account  1587x  2895 Partner 
 2  Account  x  364 Partner 
 3  Account  393x  222 Partner 
 4  Account  68x  174 Partner 
 5  Account  55x  151 Partner 
 6  Account  882x  129 Partner 
 7  Account  800x  120 Partner 
 8  Account  35x  92 Partner 
 9  Account  188x  87 Partner 
 10  Account  238x  85 Partner 
 11  Account  771x  70 Partner 
 12  Account  72x  69 Partner 
 13  Account  x  62 Partner 
 14  Account  740x  51 Partner 
 15  Account  121x  50 Partner 
 0  Account  0  0 Partner