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Several Micropayment Systems For Your Website
With International Coverage
You would like to offer something to your visitors that's relatively inexpensive (about 50 Cents to 50 Euros).
To enable your customers to pay for your products and services, you're able to integrate our payment box in your website. Depending on the country, your customers are now able to use different payment systems.
Usually, you include all payment systems at once! Your customer can choose the payment system he wants to use according to his favour.
Examples And Details
Below, you can find a sample payment box which is fully functional. The specific implementation and design can be adjusted. Depending on which payment system is selected, more details about this payment systems are displayed as well.
Bank Transfer
How it works
*The customer does an ordinary bank transfer and states his mobile phone number or email address in the purpose line of the bank transfer. When receiving the money an SMS or email is sent to the customer with a pin number of the same value. By entering this pin number at the website the customer gets access to your offer. The customer will not need to register.
Available Countries
*Europe / World wide
Available Tarifs
*Actually any amount accurate to a Cent.


Info Information [1/1]
Description:   EXAMPLE of a full functional TeleWord box. So if you want to see our press releases, simply follow the instructions below. Basically, any products and services can be offered. A call or sending an SMS is not necessary here! SAMPLE!

This action costs:  
EUR 0,49 for 1 day  
EUR 0,99 for 2 days  
EUR 1,99 for 4 days   Selected
EUR 2,99 for 1 week  
EUR 4,99 for 2 weeks  
EUR 29,00 for 26 weeks  

Within the time period the action can be used for up to 100 times.

Step 1:
As soon as we receive your payment, we will notify you by email. Please enter here your email address. The email address will not be used for anything else than for handling your bank transfer!
Email Address:
Step 2:
Please transfer the due amount to the following bank account:
The bank data will be revealed after you enter a valid email address.
Step 3:
As soon as we receive your payment we will send you a notification email. If possible, the service will be performed immediately (e.g. your user account will be upgraded). Otherwise you will be able to use the service by entering below the number above. We will tell you about this once again with the notification email.
Password / PIN number:
Transfers will be automatically processed. Depending on your bank, transfers within Germany might only take a few minutes or up to 3 bank days, transfers from other European countries or from elsewhere can take a week or even longer. The minimum amount to be transfered is EUR 0,49.