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10 Good Reasons to Register with TeleWord:
*Easy to configure. You're ready to go in a flash. No big time investment before you start earning.
*TeleWord is free. There are no set-up or monthly fees for the TeleWord service. NONE!
*No fixed contract duration. You are not tied to TeleWord for a specific time period. To quit, just remove the hotline boxes from your website. This makes it extremely easy to test our services: it doesn't cost you a cent, and there are no strings attached. You like us, you're welcome to stay; you don't, bye.
*International Coverage. The number of potential customers is huge and growing daily. Almost anyone anywhere can call our hotline numbers, and with ISDN, DSL, permanent Internet connections, and even Internet via cell phone becoming increasingly common, many customers won't even have to go offline to phone. Even if they do, it's really no big hassle.
*Customers retain their anonymity. For most other online purchases - e.g. via credit-card - the customer is required to establish her or his identity, which many don't like. Not with TeleWord! Of course, if you have a reason to try to get this information, you can, but it's not required for a TeleWord transaction.
*Minimal psycho-pressure for the client - and you. Your potential customers want something that's relatively inexpensive, and TeleWord helps them get it in a way that's quick and easy. Who wants to pay a couple of euros by bank transfer - with the unavoidable clearing time - or even by credit card? TeleWord lets you deliver your product or service immediately! Also, there's no question of fraud or anything else that might prevent you from getting your money.
*Ideal for micro-payments. Why have your potential profits eaten up by layers of bank or credit-card fees? Also let's face it, you don't know how your money-making scheme is going to work, so why invest a bundle setting up an e-business? TeleWord does the work for you! Even a few calls put money in your pocket.
*You're sure to get your money. More than a few online shops have gone belly up because of customers stopping payment after having received their merchandise. And are you going to go to court for a 3-euro sale? And even if the customer does change her or his mind, it's really not very likely that s/he's going to go to the phone company and dispute the call, which - by the way - isn't so easy to do anyway. And remember, lots of callers will phone from work; once they have the password, they can get the product from home.
*A wide range of applications. The highly flexible TeleWord configuration menu enables you test the limits of your marketing skill and fantasy. You come up with an idea, we make it possible, quickly, easily, and at no cost to you whatsoever.
*Modular and easy to integrate in your website. You continue using whatever Internet technology you have in place. TeleWord is only the payment interface between your customers and you. (It's even possible to transfer data to your Perl scripts that's invisible to your clients.)
What TeleWord isn't good for (yet!):
*TeleWord is not yet suitable for items or services that cost more than about 30 to 50 Euros. Don't sign up with the idea of selling your mink coat or that piece of beachfont property in Thailand. Having said that, our "idea people" are working night and day on new concepts for expanding TeleWord. WATCH THIS SPACE!
SUMMARY: You have everything to gain and nothing to lose!
Go ahead and sign up.
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