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 PremiumSMS Services
Revenues are for every PremiumSMS received. The reply-SMS has been borne in mind already! All prices are net.
  Setup Fee EUR -,--    
  Monthly Fee EUR -,--    
  PremiumSMS Type Revenue net Revenue gross  
  Germany, normal SMS fee EUR -0,16 EUR -0,19  
  Germany, EUR 0,49/SMS EUR 0,03 EUR 0,04  
  Germany, EUR 0,99/SMS EUR 0,32 EUR 0,38  
  Germany, EUR 1,99/SMS EUR 0,77 EUR 0,92  
  Germany, EUR 2,99/SMS EUR 1,16 EUR 1,38  
  Switzerland, CHF 1,00/SMS EUR 0,21 EUR 0,25  
  Switzerland, CHF 2,00/SMS EUR 0,43 EUR 0,51  
  Switzerland, CHF 3,00/SMS EUR 0,65 EUR 0,77  
  Switzerland, CHF 4,00/2SMS EUR 0,87 EUR 1,04  
  Spain, EUR 1,20net/1,39gr/SMS EUR 0,25 EUR 0,30  
  Austria, EUR 1,99/SMS EUR 0,60 EUR 0,71  
  Austria, EUR 2,00/SMS EUR 0,60 EUR 0,71  
For large volume accounts (1.000 messages per month and up) higher revenues are available. Please contact us for further information.
Is is possible to enable the customer to split the value of a PremiumSMS to multiple partners. In this case the revenue will be prorated.
  PremiumSMS Keyword Typ Kosten Netto Kosten Brutto  
  Common Keywords "GO"/"PIN", Setup Fee EUR -,-- EUR -,--  
  Common Keywords "GO"/"PIN", Monthly Fee EUR -,-- EUR -,--  
  Keyword "GO KEYWORD", Setup Fee EUR 10,00 EUR 11,90  
  Keyword "GO KEYWORD", Monthly Fee EUR 10,00 EUR 11,90  
  Keyword "KEYWORD", Setup Fee EUR 50,00 EUR 59,50  
  Keyword "KEYWORD", Monthly Fee EUR 50,00 EUR 59,50  
We also provide session-oriented PremiumSMS (starting with the second SMS, your customer don't need to use the keyword any more) and we're also able to provide PremiumMMS (multimedia messages). Please contact us for further information.

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