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*General information about service telephone numbers \/
*Configuring Service Numbers \/
*Managing Service Numbers \/
*Special requirements \/
*"Vanity" phone numbers, blocks of phone numbers \/
*Overflow re-routing (Call redirect)  \/
*Time re-routing (Time dependant redirect) \/
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*Testing service telephone numbers \/


 General information about service telephone numbers/\ 

Service telephone numbers are typically linked to phone numbers that already exist. In the simplest case, you give us a target phone number, and all incoming service calls will be re-routed to it. When configured, a recorded announcement about the price of the call is played before it is re-routed.

No modification of your current phone connection is necessary, and the target number can still be dialed normally. The maximum number of simultaneous calls that can be handled depends on your phone connection, i.e., analog lines can handle only one call at a time, ISDN: 2, PMX: 30, etc.


 Configuring Service Numbers/\ 

To configure a service number, first specify your requirements (country and tariff). The menu item "price lists" tells you about payouts, possible costs and other information.

The only other thing needed is the target telephone number. This is generally a domestic landline number, but mobile phones and numbers in other countries are usually also supported. Forwarding the call abroad or to a mobile phone number may in some cases reduce your payout. Information about possible additional costs is given upon inputting your target number.

Please configure the service numbers as follows::

*After logging in to the TeleWord Hotlines area, choose the menu item "hotline management".
* Near the bottom of the page is a list of the various service number types. Find the one that meets your requirements and click the appropriate "set-up" button.
*A page will open where you can give an ID name to your service telephone number. Its only function is to provide easy reference if you have multiple numbers.
*On the same page, indicate the target telephone number. The TeleWord system requires that the number begin with the country code and local phone code; otherwise it will not work. For example, a number in Berlin, Germany must begin with "4930" or an Austrian mobile phone number with "43664".
*Finally, on the same page, indicate whether you want the caller to hear a recorded announcement about the applicable phone rate before the call is placed. You can choose either a male or female voice. Please note that the rate announcement is not supported for all telephone numbers, whereas in other cases, it is obligatory.
*Now click the "set-up" button. If no unforeseen problem occurs, your service telephone number is now configured. The designated telephone number and any applicable call forwarding charges are now listed in the hotline overview.


 Managing Service Numbers/\ 

Using the hotline-management menu item you can also change the name, target telephone number or the rate announcement. The telephone number can also be de-activated. Details of individual calls can be seen by clicking the "Log file" button.

The menu item "Statistics" gives a listing of the revenues generated with your service telephone numbers. Income from previous months can be seen, and there is also a projection for the current billing period. Furthermore, the conversation durations for each number are broken down by the calendar days.

 Special requirements /\ 

Please do not hesitate to contact us with suggestions or special requests. With the aid of your feedback, we will be able to expand and improve our services.


 "Vanity" phone numbers, blocks of phone numbers/\ 

The TeleWord system assigns service numbers automatically. However, if you anticipate a high call volume and would like a specific telephone number, this is sometimes possible. We have reserved some of the numbers allocated to us for this purpose, and these are available for a fee. At additional cost, we may also be able to arrange a "vanity" number with the relevant phone provider.

If you require a block of consecutive telephone numbers (e.g. ten numbers whose final digits go from 0 to 9), we can also be of assistance. Just let us know.

 Overflow re-routing (Call redirect)/\ 

TeleWord offers call redirect for a set-up fee of 10 euros and a monthly fee of 2 euros. With this service, calls that encounter a busy signal or timeout are automatically forwarded. Up to ten alternative numbers can be designated. Online configuration is not possible with the current interface, so please send us an email using the following form as a guideline. Please include only that information which is relevant and be sure to include all national and local phone codes:

Rate announcement:
Timeout duration:
Primary destination number (service number):
1st redirect destination number:
2nd redirect destination number:
3rd redirect destination number:
4th redirect destination number:
5th redirect destination number:
6th redirect destination number:
7th redirect destination number:
8th redirect destination number:
9th redirect destination number:

 Time re-routing (Time dependant redirect)/\ 

This is a variation of call redirect, but with time re-routing, calls are redirected to another number on a designated weekday and / or at a specific time. For example, during the day calls go to the office and in the evening to a mobile phone. A secondary redirect destination number can also be designated for each redirect target number.

Rate announcement:
Section 1, period:  for example Mo-Fr 00:00-07:59h
Section 1, primary destination:
Section 1, second destination:
Section 2, period:  for example Mo-Fr 08:00-15:59h
Section 2, primary destination:
Section 2, second destination:
Section 3, period:  for example Mo-Fr 16:00-23:59h
Section 3, primary destination:
Section 3, second destination:
Section 4, period:  for example Sa-So 00:00-23:59h
Section 4, primary destination:
Section 4, second destination:

 Percentage re-routing (redirect)/\ 

This is another variation of call redirect. It enables a specific percentage of calls to be re-routed to designated destinations. With "percentage routing", telephone calls can, for example, be distributed within a call center. So for example 20% of the calls go to connection A, 40 % to connection B, and a further 40% to connection C.

Rate announcement:
Percent to route 1:
Route 1, primary destination:
Route 1, second destination:
Percent to route 2:
Route 2, primary destination:
Route 2, second destination:
Percent to route 3:
Route 3, primary destination:
Route 3, second destination:
Percent to route 4:
Route 4, primary destination:
Route 4, second destination:
Percent to route 5:
Route 5, primary destination:
Route 5, second destination:

 Origin re-routing (redirect)/\ 

This is another variation of call redirect. In "origin re-routing" - which is available only for German service telephone numbers - the forwarding of calls to various target telephone numbers depends on the telephone number of the caller. This service functions even with ISDN number suppression. It enables geographic distribution of incoming calls, though it does not function with calls originating from a mobile phone.

(Sample form)
Rate announcement:
Primary destination, 01 mobile phone:
Second destination, 01 mobile phone:
Primary destination, 02 North Rhein-Wesphalia:
Second destination, 02 North Rhein-Wesphalia:
Primary destination, 03 New states / Berlin:
Second destination, 03 New states / Berlin:
Primary destination, 04 Northern Germany / Hamburg:
Second destination, 04 Northern Germany / Hamburg:
Primary destination, 05 Lower Saxony / Hannover:
Second destination, 05 Lower Saxony / Hannover:
Primary destination, 06 Hessen, Rheinland-Pfalz / Frankfurt:
Second destination, 06 Hessen, Rheinland-Pfalz / Frankfurt:
Primary destination, 07 Wuerttemberg / Stuttgart:
Second destination, 07 Wuerttemberg / Stuttgart:
Primary destination, 08 southern Bavaria / Munich:
Second destination, 08 southern Bavaria / Munich:
Primary destination, 09 northern Bavaria:
Second destination, 09 northern Bavaria:

 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)/\ 



(Q) I have two telephone numbers with a monthly volume of 60 minutes each. In your table, I see that payouts increase significantly at 100 minutes. Can this be applied to my case?

(A) If you have two numbers of the same type, e.g. two 0190 numbers with the same tariff or two foreign numbers of the same type, the call minutes are combined before the payout-level amount is calculated.

In your case, if both your numbers are of the same type, you will receive payment for the 100-minute payout group, but not only for the 20 extra minutes (the time above the 100-minute level). Your payout will be that of the 100-minute payout group rate for the entire 120 minutes! The same would apply to 10 telephone numbers with 12 monthly minutes each.

Please note: the minutes of calls to numbers of varying types of telephone connections - for example to a 0180 number and an 0900 number, or calls to different countries - cannot be combined.

 Testing the service telephone number/\ 

(Q) I'm in Germany and have just set up an Austrian service telephone number for myself. I made a test call, but it didn't work. Does the telephone number work or not?

(A) Austrian service telephone numbers can generally only be called from within Austria, and similar conditions are the case in most countries. That is, you can usually only reach service telephone numbers within the countries where they're set up. That means to test a service number that's been set up in France, you'll have to make your test call from there.

For test connections to audio-text systems, fax polling, or similar systems, simply call the target telephone number you have indicated to us.


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