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 Date of Payouts
The accounting period is usually the month of the calendar. The payout is made about 6-8 weeks after end of month. If you want your payout faster, it is possible - as an individual case - to stipulate other dates. However, this depends on special requirements and you do not have the right for a payment ahead of schedule.

Date of Payout Reduction of Payout Amount
The normal payout date is 8 weeks after invoice date. If you want your payout faster, the amount will be reduced as described below: 
Payment made 8 weeks after invoice date 0,0%
Payment made 4 weeks after invoice date 1,0%
Payment made 2 weeks after invoice date 2,5%

 Special Conditions

* To the call forwarding to international targets or mobile phone numbers may apply an additional call forwarding fee. The call forwarding fee does not apply to national permanent line targets. Call forwarding fees, if applicable, will be shown at the hotline overview. (does not apply to "TeleWord ePayment")
* For non-German hotlines there might be no real-time accounting. The date of payout may vary slightly. (does not apply to "TeleWord ePayment")
* Amounts listed under EUR 10,00 are not paid out in cash. They are credited to the following month's account.


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